Prep Players Selected in USHL Draft

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In the USHL draft, which took place on Monday and Tuesday, over 20 prep players were chosen. Five of those players, Ryan Kirwan, Christian Jimenez, Alexander Teleguine, Joe Schubert and Thomas Messineo were selected in the first round.

Below is a complete list of players selected who played in prep last season. This list does not include Matthew Beniers (Milton) and Drew Commesso (St. Sebastian’s), who have been added to the NTDP U-17 team for next year.

Phase I

Ryan Kirwan, Avon (Round 1, pick 14, Madison)
Christian Jimenez, Taft (Found 2, pick 20, Sioux City)
Alexander Teleguine, Thayer (Round 4, pick 71, Chicago)
Joe Schubert, Exeter (Round 7, pick 111, Omaha)
Matthew DeBoer, Salsibury (Round 8, pick 9, Green Bay)
Thomas Messineo, St. Sebastian’s (Round 9, pick 144, Youngstown)
Anthony Cipollone, Loomis Chaffee (Round 10, pick 156, Youngstown)

Phase II

Jason Dobay, Thayer (Round 2, pick 17, Youngstown)
Neil Shea, Lawrence (Round 2, pick 30, Chicago)
Sam Colangelo, Lawrence (Round 2, pick 31, Chicago)
Nolan McElhaney, Cushing (Round 4, pick 58, Muskegon)
Ryan Doolin, Westminster (Round 8, pick 128, Youngstown)
Vilho Saariluoma, Cushing (Round 9, pick 134, Des Moines)
Cam Cokinos, Taft (Round 10, pick 150, Des Moines)
Philip Waugh, Trinity-Pawling (Round 11, pick 169, Cedar Rapids)
Matthew Holmes, Salisbury (Round 11, pick 170, Tri-City)
Gunnarwolfe Fontaine, Lawrence (Round 11, pick 171, Chicago)
Andranik Armstrong, KUA (Round 12, pick 184, Sioux City)
Mark D’Agostino, Gunnery (Round 12, pick 196, Waterloo)
Ian Murphy, Dexter (Round 13, pick 202, Tri-City)
Mike Brown, Belmont (Round 13, pick 208, Youngstown)
James MacIntyre Wiseman, Avon (Round 14, pick 216, Sioux City)
Ryan Carmichael, Brunswick (Round 14, pick 227, Fargo)
Ignat Bialou, Westminster (Round 15, pick 240, Youngstown)
Bobby Pearl, Dexter (Round 16, pick 245) Central Illinois)
Jacob Mucitelli, Northwood (Round 16, pick 255, Lincoln)
Aidan Torres, Proctor (Round 17, pick 271, Lincoln)
Joseph Dunlap, New Hampton (Round 18, pick 277, Central Illinois)
Jake Flynn, Thayer (Round 18, pick 280, Sioux City)
Dawson Arkell, Andover (Round 19, pick 293, Central Illinois)
Patrick Dawson, Westminster (Round 19, pick 304, Youngstown)
Ryan Stevens, Nobles (Round 21, pick 328, Sioux City)

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